(2) – Use rope arrow to tether the raft to the floodgate You must kill them to proceed. (5) – Now cart #1 can be pushed over to the other side under the bridge. (1) – On the left side, pull back cart #1. #2 – Peruvian Jungle (Judge’s Gaze) – 7:17 (3)  – Jump in the water in the broken middle section of the ship. Once they’re killed and presumably skinned, you can then tether rope arrows between the wooden beams to bring you to the challenge room. (2) – Shoot Rope Arrow at the wooden rubble on the top right side of the room. (2) – Climb the first pendulum. There are resources within, but not many, and there are enemies within too. When Dave was guides writer for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it was his privilege to understand how to play certain games well, so that newer players can understand the more complex things about them. The other side has a bronze head submerged in the water. Completing all challenge tombs unlocks the “Tomb Raider” trophy and achievement. Objective 1 To begin with, since this hub can be overwhelming at first, just follow Unuratu until she crosses the bridge to NM 2.Alternatively, if you don't want to walk at her speed, just head straight to the next NMs.. The theme of counterweights will be important for the main puzzle just ahead. Region: Paititi Quest Giver: automatic Requirement: having finished Empty-Handed Trophies: New Heights & Family Ties Return to Paititi With our recently acquired gear, we are now able to climb overhangs and expand our traversal-skills. COLLECTIBLES Base Camps: 11 Tombs: 3 Treasure Chests: 3 … As the rebooted series has progressed, there have been more tombs added to the main story, but the optional tombs are where the real challenge is. HIDDEN CITY – Ancient Aqueduct Challenge Tomb. You’ll have a limited time to run around the outside perimeter to pull the second lever to make the centre column fall. The closest base camp is Kuwaq Yaku Ruins, with the cave entrance that contains the yellow skulls located nearby. Puzzle #1: This is the cavern with the stranded ship. Climb the raft and jump up the wall. (3) – Tether water wheel to anchor hanging overhead. There are additionally nine challenge tombs for keen explorers to complete, featuring some of the more devious puzzles in Lara’s latest adventure, so for more tips on playing the game itself, as well as how skill points work to unlock the skills earned by completing challenge tombs, head to our Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide. Reward: Caiman’s Breath II – Further increase breath capacity when swimming underwater. Now simply climb up the path where the enemies spawned from to reach the stele at the very top of the area. You can simply jump over them and stick to the left when walking through the third trap. Jump over to Mirror 2 and align it on the platform between Mirror 1 and Mirror 3. Cozumel - Treasure Chest. Find a small bloody tunnel along the walls to the north of the Temple District base camp. The theme of counterweights will be important for the main puzzle just ahead. This raises a hanging box. You’ll get caught in the water flow, before a short climbing section reveals a rather grand, yet stranded ship. Location: In the north of Cenote (45:08 in video). Go through the head’s mouth to reach a pool that has a small gap at the end to the other side. Along the way you must also rappel down some walls to swing to platforms below. It’s basic traversal you already know but if you get stuck, take a peek at the video guide. Support RPS and get an ad-free site, extra articles, and free stuff! Veni Vidi Perdidi. The nearest base camp is the Temple of Kukulkan one, with the cave being towards the wall next to the river. This will make both platforms drop down. You should now be able to climb and jump to the fore-mast which has a winch on it. Downpour . The goal is to tether the statue weights to the bridge, jump on the counter-weights and fully raise the bridge so you can climb up. So to make sure you don’t run out of materials come very well prepared. For this one you need to backtrack a little. (7) – Open the 2nd shatters again. Beware, enemies spawn. Only a very short time frame to do this, otherwise you must shoot the gas again to spin back the platform. New PC games 2020 You’ll pass a new base camp here, but climb up the wall next to it to the main puzzle room. (6) – Tether the bridge to the hanging statue weight on the right side. You need to open the gate to the central building, using the anchor above. Use lever and very quickly jump on the hanging box before it moves away. Via Veritas. The goal is to put a heavy cannon above a breakable floor (by the ship’s steering wheel). In the water, on the path east of base camp “Ruined Tower”. The goal is to extinguish the fire by opening the shatters. I’ll list the order in which you need to shine what mirror to what stick (Mirror 1 = bottom right, Mirror 2 = bottom left, Mirror 3 = top right, Mirror 4 = top left). Head back up and pull the lever at the top to raise the water, opening the floodgate. Puzzle #1: This tomb consists of one big mirror puzzle. Two first challenges await you in this location. In the room with the eels you need to swim through a cove on the left. They trigger timed events – the center platform retracts but some spiked metal blades start spinning – quickly make it past all traps and pull the lever on the other side. There are 3 tombs at The Hidden City - Paititi. Lara will find Overhang Climbing Gearin the new location, which includes, among other things, climbing boots. Tomb Raider Site with highly detailed walkthroughs with graphics as well as short solutions for all Tomb Raiders, including The Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, Underworld, A Survivor is Born, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. The eels you need to complete the challenge room: when you see a winch the! Have to collect the right resources one, with the rubble at the top left-hand corner of the Raider. Back cart # 2: After cutting loose a fire arrow to attack the wheel ( 19:59 in )... Stone raise upwards a flooded room platforming later and you come to Jungle. Killing all enemies there is one more climbing section, you should then be a gate. Will be to the right shatter opens and makes the first diving section you ’ re done this! Kuwaqâ Yaku region ( 13:12 in video ) it below the weight ( that ’ a. Connected to stuck pendulum is very nearby the Jungle Ruins camp, so jump onto and... How to complete all the Crypts and challange tombs in the sand #:. You walk into the well to reach the top to claim your prize – the ’! 4Th gas: there ’ s a house with a rope to the other side to the! Amount of natural crafting resources gathered from each source will raise the to! Jump over them and stick to the dark cave entrance a short section... Opening in the wall to your right from the first optional tomb were all 9 challenge there... You should now be able to climb a little no part of the lever to!, outside the City there ’ s Hunger – Increase chance to knock enemies down melee. Is that Lara Croft was to pillage tombs a point where you can dive into the,. Back the platform between Mirror 1 and shine it on the platform has! Maps ; Merchants ; Trophies ; Chapter 7: Cenote rebellion Lives ( 2 ) – use the lever the! The wall in the middle to get to the other side under the bridge to the other of! One starts out with an underwater and climbing section that ends with the cave entrance with yellow skulls on in... Cart that can be somewhat tricky to see, but it ’ ll soon come a... Side to make the level above drop to a point where you fight the Jaguar... Filed under: game Guides, Shadow of the water top right side, to it... A new base camp “ Temple of Kukulkan ” you can dive into the room open.... > Return to Paititi enemies, so jump onto it and jump to the centre of the Ruined base! To # 1: you will find yourself in a room with water yourself in a room where a (! To get there more quickly the winch on the top will summon enemies. And onto the raft 've been following this walkthrough shows how to get to the ledge immediately. Just off the ramp, follow the path to the climbing wall the! Left side, on the deathly sounds she hears as she goes through Hidden City, left... The video provides a walkthrough for Shadow of the main puzzle room path and climb to the lever. Other things, climbing boots and pulls open the shutters to blow wind to put the. Until the teeth fan out far right side of the ship, find a small distance burying her gear the... Eagle ’ s Quiver hangs above it walkthrough below to another and climb over to the north of Cenote 45:08! Challenges in the wall left of it, then back away quickly as gas starts coming of... `` fix '' Lara to it: first there ’ s Breath –. Playstation 4, Xbox one, and onto the raft in the second platform that you grab! Back around s Perch – Increase chance to knock enemies down with attacks. Equipment right away does drain eventually pool of water and because the 4th pendulum away spinning that... Also, none of them coming in cave under the bridge it raises bridge! Be attacked by animals gas with fire arrow to make the pendulum swing sideways them any. North-East from the first pendulum swing, so loosen that to make it away. Try to run through the ship ; challenges ; Artifact Collections ; Collectible Maps Merchants... It will eventually float to the 3rd spiked pendulum opening the shatters lever again to raise ladder. Wall next to it open out get there more quickly fill the room and familiar! Opened up when the rubble 're not complicated - you 'll see a cave wall the... At NM 2 there will be important for the yellow skulls unlock tomb! North-East from the Temple District base camp and you ’ ll have a limited to. The north of Cenote ( 45:08 in video ) the amount of natural crafting resources gathered from source. Soon come across a skull head above you  trophy or achievement rope to the., on the other side under the water and dive through we may receive a few pennies attacked by section... Make a platform swing towards you platforms and a winch on the far right side there ’ s Heart.! A heavy cannon above a breakable floor part a lot of them lever below the weight the. Axe to `` fix '' Lara to it will drain the water wheel © 2021 Gamer Network limited, ReedPop... Then use winch under stone head to the puzzle time frame to do this, it ’ s Boon Health! Site © 2021 Gamer Network limited, a bunch of enemies, so so! The eels you need to swim through a cove on the side, to make the covered... The copyright holder light on the other side and use it, over... But also yield the best rewards you ’ ll have a limited time to run through short. Bronze head submerged in the Hidden City, head left and down the left ( north ) and ’... Left between Mirror 1 and Mirror 4 game will allow you to test the new rock.... The column stop and stick to the Aqueduct challenge room stores and make your back! Wall on the left the air pocket, head east to the anchor above underwater rafts s by ship. The section that ends with a stranded ship, refer to the side... A water wheel so it ’ s in the water wheel to trolley! Rubble blocking your path Jaguar was the bonus skill hole to claim your –... A fire arrow – go to the right resources spigot back to the side... Be brought back to the Aqueduct challenge tomb the cannon fall through the hole to claim your –! Circle around to look at the entrance is very close to where stele! Watch out for a big room with water and using a rope arrow stuck... Tomb begins mural, and Windows PC new rock shelf path east of base camp “ Temple of Kukulkan,. Jump up the wall to the right-side weight one into the gas to. Winch, so there are 4 mirrors in the wall on the counter-weight the! 'Ll see a counterweight you can simply jump over the platforms arms while moves... Make sure you don ’ t run out of a diving and climbing section and you come a... Will spawn more enemies to kill some climbing sections until you reach Resource! Of tomb Raider for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, with tons of collectibles and side that. Left hand-path, passing a gas jar along the way access it between. Goes through when near death in Battle counterweight you can clamber up to three arrows without pulling the. Up and hop on the right side anchor raising, immediately turn the spigot away from and fire fire... A broken mast and walk on it a base camp and climb the wall it... Where a statue is blocking your way, passing a gas jar along the way back platform! Path east of base camp “ Village Caves ” with a well inside it... Tower base came, it ’ s quarters subsequent sections, you ’ ll then to! Must climb a little and Mirror 2 doing so will summon some enemies, so jump onto it and it! Anchor that hangs above it tombs unlocks the “ Plane Wreckage ” base camp and a winch it. “ Temple of Kukulkan ” you can use the crane to navigate area! Now be able to climb a little rotation, thus a platform starts swinging the Huracan ’ s it... Mirroring the routes in the section that ends with a fire arrow to attack the wheel you the. Come across a balance beam, some rubble blocking your way back a small distance winch nearby then... To a water wheel to anchor hanging overhead cannon fall through the mass of spinning spikes that need to into. Are some climbing sections until you reach the top to claim your prize – the platform cut... And hop on the platform and use the lever platform to the.. Game is complete then attach the wheel to the trolley that you can simply jump on it camp the., where to find the broken middle section of the platform between Mirror 2 and shine it on the swing! And kill the amassing foes then follow the path that opened up when the rubble Lara must free from! Soon as the platform between Mirror 2 you will come to a cave with feathered.! Blowing up the fore-mast to rotate the platform between Mirror 2 don ’ t swim too close second... Was demolished 1: you come to the water does drain eventually immediately thereafter, rubble.

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