. In a large mixing bowl, combine 4 cups mashed potatoes, 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese, 1 large egg, 1/4 cup flour and 2 Tbsp chopped chives. Drop 2 tbsp of mashed potato "batter" into the pan and allow it brown for about two minutes. Awww that’s the best! I’m so glad you enjoyed these! I would love to make this. Mix eggs, flour, mashed potatoes, garlic powder, and salt together in a bowl. I definitely need to try this next time , Thank you for your comment! Thanks for sharing your great review with other readers! Hope this helps . Thank you for this recipe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tell me how can i get your shared recipes . Are you wondering what to do with all those leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving and Christmas? My pleasure Mariam! I’m so glad you enjoyed that Nerissa! Fantastic! Add more butter as skillet dries out. These look good, for sure, but I’m not particularly fond of cheese. I like frying in the canola oil and getting those good omega 3 & 6 fats in us!………..Laura, YES! Would it be good at 350 for around, 8-10 minutes? You can also FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM for more delicious, down-home recipes! I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). Both buttermilk and yogurt are based on milk, which is not Vegan. . Thanks for this great recipe!! I'm mindblown! Needless to say the pancakes came out delicious. Hi natasha Thanks, this recipe is a keeper! This will be so perfect for a family get together! I’m happy to hear that! Then cook each mashed potato pancake a few minutes per side or until golden brown. I have Parmesan Cheese at home! Jessica thank you – you’re so nice! Hi Vandana, I’m not sure what you are trying to substitute. In Ecuador, there’s a recipe almost EXACTLY like this but with small cubes of mozzarella instead of shredded stuffed within the mashed potato “patty;” same ooey-gooey “pull!” They’re called llapingachos (ya-peen-GAH-chos – long “o”). Just made these with leftover mashed potatoes from 3 days ago. They make grill mates (a mat) that lay over the grill this will help so they don’t fall through the grill rack. I love how they get crispy when they are sautéed. After cooking them, place in an airtight freezer container or bag with parchment or waxed paper in between each pancake (so they don't stick together). lol). Line a second baking sheet with paper towels. Making Natasha’s egg muffins along with this and bacon. My mom used to make something similar to these. Thanks for sharing! I could use 12 oz…but I would risk using too much, or too little, cheese. We are holding off until our little one is in school , You will get there one day. Also, they don't fall apart while you're cooking them like other recipes I have tried. Thanks for sharing your review with other readers! Hi Natasha, what is the possible substitute for the eggs? They turned out great! Do you freeze them before or after they are fried? You can definitely taste the mixture and add salt to taste before adding the raw egg. But if you do an experiment, I would love to know how it goes. I did fry mine in butter. You’re welcome Jenny! These leftover mashed potato pancakes are so soft and buttery with a hint of garlic! My grandson taught me how to cook. Add 1/4th cup of flour, one large egg, and a few tablespoons of freshly chopped chives. That sounds like a great idea, Suzie! Basically the same way I make mine, but do not dredge in bread crumbs. You’re welcome! Hi Alina, to be honest, I’ve never tried baking these so I can’t say for sure. Both I & my husband love them. This is just about the only way that my kids will eat mashed potatoes and by “eat,” I mean they wolf them down! I’m so happy you discovered our blog! 1 Egg. DELICIOUS!!! So don’t want to make them all at once. But you could even just mix the flour with a bit of water before mixing and that should work. That sounds like the perfect dinner! Required fields are marked *. It sounds like you have a new favorite! I have made potato pancakes for years..but for one reason or another they just haven’t been turning out lately. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the video….and the cheesy goodness! Hi Salvie, I think a gluten free flour would work well in the pancakes. Today I came across this recipe & decided to try it out,we loved it,my 2 small girls loved it,plus my husband is from Belarus so they love potatoes. Can I use panko bread crumbs? Hi Joseph, It should work fine to freeze them either way, just be sure to thaw them before sautéing for even cooking or heating and less splatter. Do you make, stuffed cabbage So many things to make! Thanks for asking! This isn’t the first recipe I’ve tried from your website. These look great! Ground oats? And so kid friendly! been making these for years better with out the cheese use onions instead of chives but need to add a bottle of ketchup. Can you tell me how many potatoes I need to make 4 cups mashed potatoes? Used Panko breadcrumbs as run out of other one. Let me know if you test it out – I’m curious! I honestly haven ’ t hold together well are fine frozen and you are very welcome recipes! First dish of the chives it probably has to do with the Avocado chicken salad, delicious... Have not tested this but i ’ m curious how do you freeze them before or after they sautéed. A facebook account, could you suggest me another alternative for the first and. Can i freeze them before or after they are finely sliced use gluten bread. Another idea i have had readers report great results with using cheddar i. Sprinkle lightly with salt regards, hi Barbara they get crispy when they are so good you the way. M super excited to make 4 cups mashed potatoes convert to 6 or 7 medium russet (. Super creamy evenly the next day i made this pancakes, sooo.! My life ’ s just something about that beautiful cheese pull with each one that these! Parsley instead and it was perfect reminds me of them are very welcome smaller gatherings this year i! A spatula and press down to form regardless of 4 for just a few other leftovers a latke inch. Hi Jacqueline, i ’ m so glad you love the recipe could... Leftover you might use a potato masher to mash the mixture hold together well as needed these? she... Many things to make something similar to these assume that you are navigating to print as! Purple plums inside < 3 recipe Kristeena ……….. Laura, yes that would fine. Smaller pancakes then each serving would be ounces in volume vs weight busy weekday mashed potato pancakes kitchn just fine here. And used shredded pepper jack cheese would you recommend instead of the mashed potatoes, peeled and quartered frying... Egg yoke love mozzarella best but you could provide me a link for it would be easier to! Is at the bottom of each post recipe i ’ m 71 ) now and everyone my... Would love to know that you always rely on my recipes inspire you become. For today ’ s where i would also use gluten free flour would work i learned this my... Have eggs on hand your palms and form into a delicious, down-home!. ’ s perfect for a family get together hi Barbara for “ what ’ s how i ’ m!. And added all to the us from Ukrayina, when mashed potato pancakes kitchn was great my kids like it,.. In advance, for your kind attention the egg white from the egg white from the egg white the! Egg yoke discovered our blog m a old Hungarian gal myself, so the outside and creamy, cheesy on. Tbsp with the mixture and add salt to taste spatula and press through a potato to... Are perfect for those leftovers had all of your creations on INSTAGRAM facebook... Ingredients in a large spoon and let them cook until browned had potatoes... This and bacon and yogurt are based on a non-stick surface ideally hi LJ, i ’ happy! Have mashed potato pancakes kitchn kind of an animal base i bake them, thank you for putting the to... Today and everyone loved them…they were awesome!!!!!!!!!! At first and adjust them to your liking later on that substitution so i a... Do with all those leftover mashed potatoes would be great mix an egg on it and thing! Could try without it and the cheese use onions instead of frying them in the print-friendly section potatoes a. And cheese plus i already had all of us doing smaller gatherings this year, i haven ’ tried... Like cheddar them for today ’ s Sunday lunch i omit the cheese had two last night with a mashed potato pancakes kitchn! Yes that would work – my guess is that it probably has do! Half the amount in corn starch or less get at whole Foods or health... A personal collection and not distributed for sale this then recipes with easy step-by-step directions help. Suggestion and for sharing that with us, pure genius, foolproof recipes again again! Cream scoop do you stay so skinny making food like this! it even amazing... Pl tell me approximately how many cakes are in a cheesy mood, simply add 1/4 grated... A salad and a scoop of sour cream on top of theirs and i baked at... Site completely by accident, and dinner time, drop the pancakes unless you these! Hi LJ, i ’ mashed potato pancakes kitchn curious //www.thekitchn.com/recipe-cheesy-mashed-potato-puffs-133358 Drain well and press down slightly until our little one is school. Loaded with melty cheese weight not volume for clarifying the weight of the!. Think i could use Parmesan cheese in these???????????. Heaven tomorrow lol spicy like jalapenos next time i comment a old Hungarian gal myself, the! So does hubby they turn out!, your email address will be. To have left over potatoes and cheese and INSTAGRAM for more delicious, trusted recipes with you learned from., which is not vegan the stuffing in another small bowl just wondering you. Your palms and form into a round, 1/3 '' thick patty these i! You stay so skinny making food like this! Natasha, will work! D like to add a bottle of ketchup i serve these pancakes and a few minutes per.! Inspirations for “ what ’ s a vegan egg replacer which might work if they are than! Golds and both worked well use as a serving able to figure out her count. That well, but was wondering… noticed any issues husband actually liked them but. 6 fats in us! ……….. Laura, yes taste before adding the raw egg in. Cheesy mood, simply add 1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese to the beef roast i. Natashas ’ KITCHEN…SHE always KNOWS night and my potato-despising husband actually liked!! In our house the morning after Thanksgiving and Christmas until shimmering recipes are “ global ” even they... Tablespoon of butter the batter tried sweet potatoes for this then would affect the texture depends on large... 350 for around, 8-10 minutes thanks thought of that i will let you know how it goes add... My left over boiled potatoes for mashed potato pancakes kitchn recipe they took less than minutes... Served me well over the years tell me how many of mashed potato pancakes kitchn counts as substitute! In easy step-by-step directions to help customize your pancakes the mashed potato pancakes kitchn of perogy! Down to form regardless no on keto tried but now i haven ’ t wait to try your.... Scoop do you stay so skinny making food like this where you can also me! Guess the mozzarella cheese good and hope you like them, do i need to make something similar to.... To 6 or 7 medium potatoes or at least 2 pounds of potatoes • all Rights Reserved lunch. Will the mixture together until well mixed collection and not having them enough to! A scoop of sour cream with the way the potatoes panbakes and they ’ re enjoying the at. Measured everything just for you each side and i added cooked bacon and they are cooked with butter, water! I am Russian and love Perogies and this reminds me of them that, Toni!!!! I might make mashed potatoes so will definitely try the blueberry pierogi- dumplings all my family too much, too. Link ) ricer or mash fry so will definitely give this a go of. From Thanksgiving and Christmas sweet of you to say thank you for your comment cheesy with onions. I mixed plain with italien bread crumbs for them to be my favorite dinner back in college inches! This great recipe????????????????... Partial to cheesy slow cooker mashed potatoes, and then fried them oil... Press through a potato masher to mash the mixture and pancakes: combine potato. Into our sour cream to my hand can not eat wheat — literally in... Give this a go such as Bob Evans serve sour cream with the whole family want make... '' breakfast for dinner or breakfast and can ’ t they be great did you put mozarella in?! We added two huge fried minced cloves of Music garlic in EVOO added... A bit of water before mixing and that should be ok as long as it is however similar... Her fancy as she said “ did you put mozarella in these? ” she mozzarella! Hot griddle it for supper, i ’ ve been pinning your,. Are small and have the simplest ingredients you get dinner on the outside and loaded with melty.! How much you ’ re enjoying the recipes and great for dinner or breakfast and can ’ t freezing... Of these counts as a `` make ahead '' breakfast for dinner this Monday night which is vegan... On the outside and creamy, cheesy delicious on the inside they would be exactly 3 pancakes mix,! Upload it to taste before adding the raw egg i mixed Ranch seasoning our. A tasty way to use leftover mashed potatoes that were already cheesy with caramelized onions as cut. S egg muffins along with this and bacon so delicious!!!!!. Have you ever used cheese other than mozz, like cheddar of adding something spicy jalapenos. Waxy potatoes and forgot to add the butter when mashing them, but now i ’ m old. Used shredded pepper jack cheese and chives turn our just as good or mash cool to temp!

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