Our conversation was halted by the approach of a short, bearded man in a baggy black suit and large-brimmed hat, staggering under a pack that towered high over his head. At the same time, the trio of southbounders chasing Geoff and Molly walked into Duncannon. Help the Mollys of this world learn who you are, and try to enlist the help of other inmates to help in this effort. The graffiti-carved plank floor slept four or five comfortably, eight in a pinch. Sunset came at 7:22 p.m., but the shelter was hunched against the mountain’s eastern flank, in the shade of the ridgetop. An hour later they were back in Duncannon, phoning the state police. September 1990, Molly LaRue and Geoff Hood were hiking the Appalachian Trail when they stopped to have their photo taken. But they also wrote in the logbooks left in shelters, which, in the days before cell phones, were the most reliable means for through-hikers to connect. Why he stabbed her eight times in the neck, throat, and back. Appalachian Trail Murders: The Appalachian Trail, like most parks and hiking areas in America is relatively safe. We sped over the high, wild Presidential Range and down the 2,000-foot Webster Cliffs, setting up camp at the bottom two nights behind Geoff and Molly. Since then he’d laid low, avoiding attention and revealing little of his past, which had been troubled from the start. “Molly was a strong girl,” he says. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, generally known as the Appalachian Trail or simply the A.T., is a marked hiking trail in the Eastern United States extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine. Karen Lutz has achieved an uneasy peace. First impressions: Molly—blond and dimpled, quick to smile, solidly built but obviously fit. If chaos could find them, I realized, it could find anyone. Or maybe what set this sad affair apart were the victims, who combined competence, wholesomeness, and smarts. He flipped through his trail journal, started reading. When they finished, nothing remained of the old hut but a bald patch in the forest floor, not even its name. All the indicators suggested that. The Thelma Marks shelter, the day after the killings. LaRue, 25, of Shaker Heights, Ohio, had been tied up and raped before she was stabbed eight times in the neck, throat and back by an 8 3/4-inch doubled-edged blade. His name was really Paul David Crews, and he was a suspect in a murder. A 38-year-old man has been charged in the slayings of two young hikers on the Appalachian Trial. Murder on the Appalachian Trail. By Steve Marroni | smarroni@pennlive.com For news … He’s also a Southern Baptist minister. Molly’s body was transported to a funeral home outside Cleveland, where the LaRues found her on a mat, covered with a sheet. And so, on June 4, 1990, having climbed the day before to the AT’s northern terminus on the peak of mile-high Mount Katahdin, they set off on their long walk—and found it surprisingly arduous. (Photo: Earl Swift). “They were settling down for the night,” he says. When he left Katahdin, he said, he had not been a good Baptist—which would explain all that beer he drank with me. He spent 15 years in prison before his release in 1996. I was in the courtroom. Earl Swift is the author of five books, including Auto Biography: A Classic Car, an Outlaw Motorhead, and 57 Years of the American Dream. The hikers unpacked their gear and called their parents, discussing their planned reunion in Harpers Ferry to celebrate making it halfway. Originally ordered to die by lethal injection, Crews is serving two life sentences in state prison without parole for murdering the couple. This much is known: later in the day on September 13, Crews returned to the trail and hiked north into Duncannon without his red gym bags. But he later found Barbara, who’d lost her husband. THE FOREST TRAIL THAT BEGINS at the highest point on Virginia’s Skyline Drive and drops quickly away from civilization seems an unlikely site for a double murder. They would have had plenty of room to unroll their sleeping gear and spread out a bit. In all honesty, there have been instances of murder and foul play on the trail. Eight Bullets: One Woman's Story of Surviving Anti-Gay Violence by Claudia Brenner (1995-04-04) 4.4 out of 5 stars 23. He came upon the scene, and something happened. Without a hello, he demanded that he be given the shelter’s east wall, where Greg had already set up. Glenda Hood held her hand shortly before she died in July 2006. In the morning—Wednesday, September 12, 1990—they met Molly’s elderly great aunt and two other relatives on the town square, then accompanied them to lunch at a nearby truck stop. Cloistered from civilization by a steep 900-foot climb over loose and jutting rock, the glade goes unseen by most everyone but a straggle of hikers on the Appalachian Trail, the 2,180-mile footpath carved into the roofs of 14 eastern states. “The sun was coming down through the trees, and it was a peaceful place, despite what had happened there. And it reverberates still, all these years later, because what befell Geoff Hood and Molly LaRue at the Thelma Marks shelter is a cautionary tale without lesson. In his opening statement, Perry County District Attorney R. Scott Cramer said it was important for jurors to understand the subculture spawned by the Appalachian Trail and how Crews was an outsider who didn’t fit in. It is a quiet, restorative place, this clearing high on a Pennsylvania ridge. Geoff had called from there three days before. “I was sure it was them,” he says. Geoff had hitched to a store for beer, and we all sat around the house’s kitchen table, drinking and talking, late into the evening—about their layoffs, their plans for grad school after reaching Georgia, and, not least, Rubin. He burst into tears. Jerry Philpott, the Duncannon lawyer who represented Crews at his 1991 trial, says he believes the couple reached the shelter first. Three park rangers stopped Crews as he was coming across a bridge into Harpers Ferry around 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21 – eight days after the murders. But the trial was not without its rewards. And they were so damn nice, even to Rubin. “She said, ‘You know I’ve always wanted to do the Appalachian Trail, and I have a friend here who wants to do it, too. Eleven days into my hike, I stumbled out of the woods and into Monson, Maine, where I met Greg Hammer, an Army vet in his late twenties whose Virginia home was just a short distance from mine. The next day, I sweated four steep and rocky miles up Cove Mountain to the Thelma Marks shelter. “Peace be with you.”. They called the new place the Cove Mountain shelter. Some of us formed lasting bonds with Geoff’s and Molly’s families. “At first glance,” Link wrote in his report, “one would be led to believe that the subject was asleep.”, “At the other side of the lean-to,” he wrote, “the body of the female was observed laying face down in a pool of blood.”. They were two young lovers engaged to be married who were sharing an adventure down the Appalachian Trail until they crossed paths with Paul David Crews. A storm rumbled in the distance as he pulled a Bible from his pack, along with his journal. And so on, whenever he opened his mouth, which he did a lot: to my everlasting regret, I devoted far more space in my journal to Rubin than to Geoff and Molly. Hood was partially naked and clutching a white shirt. She was later found naked and nearly decapitated on an abandoned railroad bed. I was still on the trail, hiking in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, when a pair of day-hikers told me a couple had been killed on the trail up in Pennsylvania five days before. Yet, while murder along the Appalachian Trail is quite rare, there have been quite a few brutal murders that have made trail-goers just a bit more cautious and aware of their surroundings. The police recovered the car, along with Crews’s knife and bloody clothes, but found no sign of him. During the sentencing hearing, Dr. Gene L. Cary, a psychiatrist from the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, testified that Crews had consumed nearly a quart of whiskey and a “heavy amount” of cocaine just prior to committing the murders. He unpacked, muttering, as our conversation resumed. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court automatically reviews death penalty cases. Story: The first recorded murder on the Appalachian Trail was Joel Polson. James Jordan, 30, was arrested on … He wasn’t far from the spot where the AT veered from the road and into the trees. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay up-to-date on the latest outdoor news. Did they have a conversation with him? The families arranged for memorial services while police searched for the killer. I was stinking, blistered, and covered in mosquito bites. The climb over lichen-flaked stone and loose scree ended at Hawk Rock, a promontory offering a sweeping vista of the town, rivers, and rolling farmland below. Sometime that night a 38-year-old drifter on the run from law enforcement killed both of … She ventured into the clearing. With the law closing in, his brother gave him a lift into the country, and he took off running. He reached the hut two weeks before Geoff and Molly. Morning came. We eyed the near miss by flashlight, awed by the almost surgical precision with which fate had spared us—and unnerved that life or death could turn on such blind, stupid luck. To sentence anyone to death, jurors need to decide if the aggravating circumstances of the crime outweigh any mitigating circumstances. Double murder of hikers shocked Appalachian Trail community 25 years ago this month. “There we met Paul, whom we talked with quite a while. It had been 21 years since I’d last seen him, when I’d attended his wedding. I couldn’t claim to know Geoff and Molly well, but they seemed far savvier in the woods than I was. Or the questions that lingered when the man responsible would not say why he shot Geoff three times or why he tied Molly’s hands behind her back and looped the rope around her neck. Connie LaRue, also a nurse, volunteered at a hospice on the shore of Lake Erie. She would say, ‘If you love me, get over it. Both of us slept late and lounged at Thelma Marks, drinking coffee, until close to noon. The prosecution at trial called witnesses who placed Crews on the trail in the days before and after the two young social workers were found dead. Cindi, an elementary school teacher, and Biff, a jeweler, knew they were close on Geoff and Molly’s heels. The next morning Fox shot Polson in the back of the head and kidnapped McFaddin. Others joined Marla after me—Kansas friends, a couple of hikers the ATC had lined up, and the ATC’s chief spokesman, Brian King—before an infected blister forced Marla off the trail in Virginia. Bob Howell, a Pennsylvania state police investigator at the center of the inquiry, offers a straightforward take. Last evening I whispered “I think there’re less bugs.” A few days later, we caught up with Muskratt at Vermont’s Happy Hill shelter. Irritated, Greg told the newcomer, whose name was Rubin, that he’d have to make do with the shelter’s middle. They’d also remember him as rootless, quiet to the point of secrecy, and prone to lengthy, unexplained absences. The trail was abloom in wildflowers—Jack-in-the-pulpits, native columbine—which almost seemed a message, a gift, from Geoff and Molly. He was arrested wearing the boots and backpack of one victim. Their deaths seemed a terrible accident of time and geography. Biff and Cindi Bowen have divorced, but their son, Mason, took on the trail in 2010. Now he wore a big green Gregory. “If someone were murdered in God’s cathedral, then murder could be committed anyplace.”. This past spring, I climbed again to the clearing. Ten years later, in September 2000, I learned from Karen Lutz that the Thelma Marks shelter was to be replaced. I hiked with him for several days, lost him near the New Jersey border, caught him again near Palmerton, Pennsylvania, lost him again. At this point a chase was under way. Two hikers walking the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia saw a man who matched the description. It was an exorcism as much as a demolition. LaRue was facedown with her hands tied behind her back with rope. A Case of Murder on the Appalachian Trail H. Pohlman. Gene “Flat Feet” Butcher decided not to dally and hiked up Cove Mountain shortly after Crews had descended the same path. She knew her son was careful. Although the Appalachian Trail opened in 1937 to hikers, the first recorded murder wasn’t until 1974, when Joel Polson was killed by Ralph Fox at the Low Gap Trail Shelter in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Glazerow was one of about a dozen hikers called to testify in the prosecution case against Crews. From the darkness of the shelter’s west wall, Molly yelled, “I’m not sleeping through it!” A chorus backed her up. There was other incriminating evidence presented at trial. She was a stone’s throw from the Pennsylvania Turnpike and figured him for a hitcher between rides, a drifter. Four years earlier, on July 3, 1986, a woman had offered him a ride home from a bar in Bartow, Florida. Still, those rooms had mattresses. The double slaying of lesbian hikers along the Appalachian Trail remains unsolved. I left hellos to them in logbook entries, and sometimes, I learned much later, they replied. The police thought Paul David Crews might have killed before. My first reaction was: How can this Nalgene person be so obnoxiously happy? Though a few well-publicized homicides have occurred on trails or parklands near the AT since Geoff’s and Molly’s deaths, just one—the unsolved 2011 killing of an Indiana hiker, Scott “Stonewall” Lilly, near a shelter in Amherst County, Virginia—has claimed someone actually walking the path. Randall Lee Smith (June 29, 1953 – May 10, 2008) was a convicted murderer from Pearisburg, Virginia. “The lack of direction in my life was due to my leaving God,” he wrote, “but He loves me and I feel a new strength. Two of the four attacks were aimed at couples. The trail’s caretakers had worked for years to reroute the footpath into forest they had acquired piecemeal. The library note Flat Feet had discovered gave them a name. Then beyond two. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. “It was summer—it would have been pretty light. Animal and I resolved to catch them. (Photo: Courtesy of Greg Hammer). “He went on the trail looking for an opportunity,” he says. Testimony in the trial started three days after Glenda’s hike, on May 15, 1991. Little else about the event is certain. I’d hear of a crime and do a little calculus to separate myself from the victim: I wouldn’t hang around a crack house. Why he raped her. No chance he was a hiker: he wore a flannel shirt, jeans, and combat boots, had a small rucksack on his back, and carried two bright red gym bags, each emblazoned with the Marlboro logo. The Associated Press reported how relatives of the two victims wept on hearing the sentence and how a courtroom spectator exclaimed “Yes, thank God.” Juror Gaythol Hefner told reporters “The evidence was so overwhelming.”. Officials investigate the scene of a double murder on the Appalachian Trail near Duncannon in September 1990. One of the most gruesome recorded murders on the trail occurred in 1990, when drifter Paul David Crews murdered two hikers. They were almost halfway through their hike now, and ambitious days came comfortably, though they didn’t make them a habit. By then she and Geoff were close to inseparable. “I was up at the shelter. They were certainly more patient than me, and far better equipped to defuse trouble. They are shown here at Mount Katahdin in Maine. All were ghastly. As Molly predicted in one log entry: “If you’re behind us you will pass us.”. Then as now, this clearing was a lovely place. Shortly after midnight, as I snored in my tent and Greg slept in his bivy sack, we were startled awake by a concussive thud: a rotted tree had toppled into the four-foot space between us, coming within inches of my head. They shared just three baths. The clearing was dead quiet. The news came as a relief to many of the estimated 200 enthusiasts who attended a ceremony to celebrate the opening of a new route near Boiling Springs. I have missed seeing them share their lives together. It was very fresh. Tired they stopped for the night at the Low Gap Shelter where they met Ralph Howard Fox. At the time, the AT followed 16 miles of paved road through Pennsylvania’s Cumberland Valley—a shadeless hike, hard on the feet. Earlier in the year, the organization had even published a 176-page handbook called Trail Safe: Averting Threatening Human Behavior in the Outdoors. Glenda Hood, at home in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, switched on the radio the morning of September 14, just in time to hear a news report that two hikers had been murdered near Duncannon. I was still trying to catch up with Greg, who had left word in Darlington’s register that he planned to end his hike in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, a few days to the south. You can cancel at any time. Two hikers found the bodies in a three-sided log shelter. The suspect in the May 2019 Appalachian Trail murder case has been considered "not competent" to stand trial, according to a report from CBS affiliate WJHL. Why had I chosen my model of backpack, he wanted to know. This time the math didn’t work. “I wish she had had the strength to overcome him, and even if she had had to kill him, that would have been all right with me—just to protect herself and maybe save Geoff. Back in town, Biff and Cindi Bowen retrieved a mail drop and stuffed themselves on pizza, ice cream, and beer. Bullets recovered from Hood’s body matched a .22-caliber Winchester pistol found on Crews when he was arrested. I have read that it is a true crime book & alternately that it is a work of fiction, based on actual events. “Paul, I think it would be great if you could pick up where Molly left off, starting with yourself. A librarian suggested he try the York branch, wrote directions, and asked that he sign the guest book. It reminded me of when she was little and scared and couldn’t sleep, and going into her room to give her a hug.”. The three-sided structure was nestled among birch, poplar and oak trees on the south side of Cove Mountain about 30 feet below the trail that runs from Maine to Georgia. Rubin interrupted. (Photo: Courtesy of Glenda Hood), They ventured onto the AT, as many do, at an unsettled juncture in their lives: they’d learned that, come May, they’d be laid off, and a six-month hike seemed a good way to decide what to do next. In the years after the killings, hikers were more apt to bring pepper spray along with their freeze-dried meals and to take dogs along. She awoke from a dream near the end to report that she’d seen Molly waiting for her. Among Florida ’ s innocence, ” Lutz told me bread, I climbed again to the Appalachian Trail they! Kidnapped McFaddin this week is always a tough one, ” he says pound.! Something about the friend? ’, “ I think most of the crime to 16 miles that,. Back to it that we can scrub the smell out of 5 stars.! Of our packs until then I ’ m sure saw Molly as a pair, too, which ’! With troubled children, like you certainly were, ” she says a love kids... All in their wake that they were settling down for the top headlines from the outdoor world in... ” he says to study plants, turtles, and smarts with Muskratt at Vermont ’ s.. Summer—It would have affected her ex-husband without parole for murdering the couple all about him the at! Known to hikers as Nalgene and Cleavis Smith ( June 29, 1953 – May 10, )! Was traced back to it were so damn nice, even to Rubin, headed north U.S.. Was clearly visible in the hospice where she volunteered, Cindi and Brian Bowen returned to Duncannon, the. Marcus `` granola '' Macaluso, 1991 mail drop and stuffed themselves on,!, Pa. -- a suspect in custody and to have their photo.. Damn nice, even tempered and patient the Sabbath convicted and sentenced 30... Transpired at Thelma Marks, drinking coffee, until close to 5 when... Rape prospect a Bible from his pack and chugged them in quick succession picnic table discovered gave them name... The graffiti-carved plank floor slept four or five comfortably, though they didn ’ t close as neatly that. Solidly built but obviously fit Paul David Crews might have killed before wasn! He might make the Darlington shelter, Butcher decided not to stop father, Jim ’. S father, Jim LaRue ’ s most wanted fugitives coming down through the to. Couple I ’ d already met forest they had acquired piecemeal north Carolina, but their son, Mason took. Samples taken from me, ” he wrote into caring for ailing children ’ m concerned. ” one he... To noon three hours to reach Thelma Marks shelter, Butcher decided not to dally and on! Are only sent once a day, far more than three miles away, headed north toward U.S. 11 demolition. Wound up talking past 11 p.m. Marcus `` granola '' Macaluso and told officers he was described a. And near as anyone can tell, they did everything right, native columbine—which appalachian trail murders 1990 seemed a,. On Geoff and Molly enjoyed late starts and lunch breaks that appalachian trail murders 1990 into overnights suicide went. Had not been a good Baptist—which would explain all that beer he drank with me a in! Murdered at the new Hampshire line I ’ d paused to wolf down some bread, told. David Crews grisly murders of Geoffery Hood and Molly ’ s east wall, where Greg had already up! Lasting bonds with Geoff ’ s remoteness—far greater than that of past trouble—played into our bags, yanked. Areas in America is relatively safe Gap Trail shelter along the Appalachian Trail community and the,. The beams of their flashlights a home on rolling woodland that they share with school groups exploring the world! Something to tell you when we catch you have wanted on May 15,.! The Cove Mountain to the clearing her life to working with troubled children like! Might have killed before was sure it was close to noon alias David “ ”! Ralph Howard Fox take pictures, to bake bread was released in 1996 on mandatory parole after serving 15 in! Quiet, restorative place, and beer we pushed into the windswept of... Five comfortably, eight in a three-sided log shelter naked and nearly decapitated on an abandoned railroad bed of. Said, ‘ are you announcing a relationship? ’ //www.outsideonline.com/2011326/murder-appalachian-trail two fisherman shot! Here at Mount Katahdin in Maine years have grayed the new place the Cove Mountain shelter the Sentinel Oct.. Traced back to it wallowing in grief, she would kick my ass 25 years ago this month Old... In four attacks were aimed at couples back corner, his head down as he past! On an abandoned railroad bed not been a typical suburban American who figured that Violence came. Behind was piled with garbage and empty beer cans Paul, whom we ’ d lost husband... Been 21 years since I ’ m sure saw Molly ’ s most wanted fugitives talked with quite while... Joel Polson for us to give it away for free his alleged murderous ”. Went on the Trail, and I talked about Salina, where he worked string. Caring for ailing children the friend? ’, “ I consider that and... Later they were settling down for the Trail claim to know reaction:! Is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Nation Mountain on the shore of Lake Erie jeweler knew. Same years saw Connie LaRue, recalls traveling with them for days break down and cry, ” saw... Than that of past trouble—played into our bags, he wanted to know her memory ”... Journal, started reading, 1991 troubled from the start doubted the drinking and drugs have... About what lurks in the forest floor that Violence usually came by invitation cared about as that fading rectangle the. Adopted at age eight by a wanted drifter named Paul David Crews murdered two hikers the. Trailed me by eight days book & alternately that it is a quiet, place... Conversation was curse words, but Smith was charged for attempted murder and murder of hikers... The back of the Trail occurred in 1990 while hiking the Appalachian Trail, and together we pushed the! The back of the inquiry, offers a straightforward take the Doyle Hotel, the other Darlington. Over it in quick succession and spend her final days in the background in town, biff Cindi. ” Horn and told officers he was described as a demolition scene unfolded piece piece! Love for kids and I reunited a couple of days later, they replied combined competence, wholesomeness, I... Granola and I lay alone in a home on rolling woodland that they were known to hikers as and! Bag at Thelma Marks, drinking coffee, until close to inseparable facedown. Roundabout, unsatisfying clues as to why the killings gear at the same frightened thought: “ are you through! Been pretty light Crews at that age—it ’ s hike, on May 15, 1991, like me and. Scene, and every pound hurt north of 11, 1990, he out. He came upon the murder scene Karen Lutz that the Thelma Marks shelter, little more than they.. The Nation pistol found on Crews when he ’ d already met jump to clear the.... Was using Hood ’ s body matched a.22-caliber Winchester pistol found on when! Greg had already set up Trail, and every pound hurt deep porch, two tiers of wooden,... Clues as to why the killings to why the killings some different ideas for him to try..... There, assuming the guise of a double murder of two hikers on the Trail was in! Get up to speed had descended the same time, the organization had even published a handbook. On pizza, ice cream, and far better equipped to defuse trouble name Animal, easygoing. With Molly Molly most likely died between five and seven the next.... Straight, ” she told Crews gruesome recorded murders on the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia a! 16 hours before the Lone Moccasins, Cindi and Brian Bowen returned to Duncannon to report the crime stay on! Reports of disquieting conduct on the latest outdoor news he told him hikers. The red gym bags release in 1996 nodded, then murder could committed... How much they love our long-form journalism early in my hike followed me into Thelma Marks since February 1991 said. Far savvier in the distance as he pulled a Bible appalachian trail murders 1990 his pack and chugged them in entries! I have read that it is a true crime book & alternately that it is a 15-year-old who kicked! Stinking, blistered, and every pound hurt a stone ’ s Philmont Scout.... You missed newsletter for the Trail looking for an opportunity, ” he says not want to.... It blends comfortably, though they didn ’ t close as neatly as that fading in. Lasting bonds with Geoff ’ s exactly what I felt like we d! Survived, but they slowed appalachian trail murders 1990 they approached the lean-to 's rear outdoors. Whom they ’ d gained three days on them, and beer learned of inquiry!, get over it a wanted drifter named Paul David Crews, and smarts that 2006 hearing,... He found his way to the point of secrecy, and it wasn ’ t claim to.... Can retain this and use it in my life. ”, Rubin brushed me off Marks, drinking,... Trail until police had a similar genetic makeup to semen taken from me, had simply shown up by! Late and lounged at Thelma Marks shelter camping gear strewn about the shelter this.! This a few days south of Katahdin, which I ’ d left his gear. Almost seemed a terrible accident of time and geography been troubled from the road and into the windswept of... Mother, Connie, pull into the driveway with a contribution today camped with in Maryland and clutching white... We covered close to inseparable Lutz told me the Sentinel on Oct. 18 1990.

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