Cedar Point opens Saturday

Cedar Point 10

Cedar Point reopens Saturday with its 18 coasters, including 2013’s Gatekeeper and Millennium Force, the 305-foot steel goliath that’s ranked No. 1 by Amusement Today. For this year the park doesnt make the headlines for a new world class coaster, but promisses lot of family fun with Pipe Scream, a flat ride/roller coaster that spins riders […]

Carowinds Readies for Winged Coaster


According to Screamscape, $30 million of the park’s three-year investment may finance the construction of a Winged Coaster by Swiss manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard, who have found renewed acclaim for their winged model in the forms of Raptor, The Swarm, Wild Eagle, X-Flight, and most recently, Cedar Point’s iconic Gatekeeper, which soars over the park’s renovated turnstiles and gracefully flips […]

Gatekeeper opens next Saturday


Cedar Point will be opening its 16th roller coaster to the public on Saturday — and it promises to be a doozy. The $30 million Gatekeeper breaks seven world records: it’s the longest wing coaster (4,164 feet), has the tallest drop (164 feet) and most inversions. Riders will be flipped upside down six times during […]

GateKeeper roller coaster begins testing at Cedar Point


Cedar Point has begun testing its highly-anticipated new roller coaster, GateKeeper, as it prepares to open the ride to the public on May 11, 2013. The park has released a new video, embedded below, which shows off the Bolliger & Mabillard-built coaster’s “Wing Rider” trains in action. The ride’s circuit was completed in late February, and […]

East coast USA theme-park opening days


The new season is almost here also in US parks. In the East coast Cedar Point Amusement Park reopens May 11th with a new adrenaline coaster. GateKeeper will feature the highest inversion in the world with its 170-foot (52 m) Wing Over drop. It will also break several records among Wing Coasters including track length, drop height and most inversions (see […]