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Carlos Canaes

Europa Park’s new water park: what we know so far

Water Adventure Resort due to open in 2019 is by far the largest investment in the history of the Europa Park. The water park, which is around 460,000 square meters, will be indoor and doesn't have a name yet.  A possible name for the water park is already circulating on the Internet with beting on"Rulantica ". The name is supposed to be an artificial word, …

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Paulo Vilarinho

Legoland New York moves closer to approval

The proposed $500 million Legoland New York theme park took another step closer to final approvals Thursday when the town Planning Board OK’d the Findings Statement for Legoland – which completes the board’s environmental review. Completion of the Findings Statement represents a key move forward under New York’s State Environmental Quality Review Act. Legoland wants to build …

Paulo Vilarinho

Dive Coaster to debut at Knott’s Berry Farm

Southern California’s most popular theme park will open the West Coast’s first Dive Coaster in 2018. The steel roller coaster, named HangTime, will be 150ft tall and located in the Boardwalk area of Knott's Berry Farm. Riders will be sent down the steepest drop in California at 96 degrees. At the highest peak of the coaster, the train will suspend riders at a 60-degree …

Paulo Vilarinho

Carowinds adding Camp Snoopy for 2018

Carowinds has confirmed the addition of Camp Snoopy to the park in 2018, a transformation and upgrade to the existing Planet Snoopy area that will include six new attractions, reimagined themeing, new dining options and more. The list of new rides include: The Camp Bus (Zamperla Crazy Bus), Peanuts Trailblazer (Mini Whip), Kite Eating Tree (Bounce Tower), Woodstock Whirlybirds …

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